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1 Year - 2.5 Years

We're on the move! We're looking for your cutest, funniest, most emotional videos of your toddler.

Below are some starter questions. Have a look and send us a video for any or all that speak to you! If you have an older child, feel free to answer any of the prompts below.

1 Year - 2.5 Years

First Words

It is common at this age for babies to be able to say a handful of words.

Upload or record a short clip of your baby saying their first word or just speaking in general and your reaction to it.


A Whole New World

The world an 18-month-old can access with their increasing mobility and coordination is rapidly expanding, and there is SO much for them to learn!

Upload or record a short clip of your child “experimenting” with their toys and their food, testing the limits of their physical abilities, and finding new ways to communicate. Moments of frustration may occur, and that's okay!


Introducing Screen Time

The easiest way to keep track of the quality of your toddler’s screen content is to watch or play it with them.

Upload or record a short clip of you or your partner actively engaging with your toddler by asking them questions as you play an educational game and relate the content back to real life. (i.e. there’s a strawberry in the game and you point out they had strawberries today and ask them about other fruits they like to eat).


Learning Without Screens

At eighteen months, you can begin to compare, categorize, and count things with your toddler...and you don’t need a screen to do it!

Upload or record a short clip of you or your partner having fun interactions while focusing on skills like counting, but without using screens. 


Indoors and Outdoors

It’s all about balance. An 18-month-old needs at least an hour a day of active play. Active play helps your child develop strong muscles and coordination skills.

Upload or record a short clip of you and your toddler playing actively indoors or outdoors - dancing, playing hide-and-seek, running around, feeding the birds along a river, watching the squirrels in a park, splashing in puddles from the rain, watching ants build a home, pushing their stroller by themselves, or any other fun activities you do with your toddler!


Following Instructions

Your toddler wants to do everything that crosses their mind, but now they have to start learning to follow directions.

Upload or record a short clip of you or your partner offering instructions that your toddler follows (i.e. telling them to put their dirty spoon in the sink and their yogurt cup in the recycling).

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