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Birth - 6 Months

All about the newborns! We're looking for your cutest, funniest, most emotional videos from the earliest years of your child's life.

Below are some starter questions. Have a look and send us a video for any or all that speak to you! If you have an older child, feel free to answer any of the prompts below.

Birth - 6 Months

Happy Baby

Nothing complicated here. Just young babies being super happy and smiley about life!

Upload or record a short clip of your baby being happy - playing, giggling, smiling.


Observing Your Baby

Simply watching your baby, looking at their face - something you’re probably already doing, who can resist? - is the best way of starting to understand what makes them tick.

Upload or record footage of you or your partner watching your baby - while they're sleeping or playing or just being a baby.


Brush, Book, Bed!

Routines are a great way of helping your baby know what to expect, and helping them calm themselves before bedtime.

Upload or record a short clip of you or your partner getting your baby ready for bed. This can include reading a book, brushing teeth, one last feeding, or anything else you do to get sleepy each night.


Sleepy Babies

Newborns need to wake to feed at night, but it can be difficult to get a sleepy baby to wake up.

Upload or record a short clip of you or your partner waking your baby up at night to feed. This could include tickling their feet, blowing on the face, shifting their position, or anything else you do to wake them up.


Talking, Singing, Laughing!

Gentle singing, speaking or reading to your baby are great ways to build your relationship.

Upload or record a short clip of you, your partner, or a caregiver talking to your baby in a wide variety of ways—singing, reading, or laughing.


Beautiful Moments

Holding them close is both good for the baby and for you. Skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin, "the love hormone," which produces feelings of comfort, safety and affection.

Upload or record a short clip of you or your partner soothing your fussy baby by holding them close, making eye contact, or even a dad dancing shirtless with his newborn! 


A Hungry Baby

One common sign that can suggest your baby is hungry is rooting, which is a turning of the head. But there are other indicators as well. How does your baby show you that they are hungry?

Upload or record a short clip of your baby's hunger cues. Maybe this is rooting or maybe it's your baby putting their hands in their mouth, sucking/smacking their lips, or opening and closing their mouth repeatedly.



Your baby still needs a lot of sleep at this age.

Upload or record a short clip of your baby either napping during the day or sleeping soundly at night. Maybe they stir, flutter their eyes and go right back to sleep.


Talking is Teaching

One way to help your child learn that doesn’t require any special training or toys is just talking with them! A great place to start is to comment on what you are doing, moment-by-moment.

Upload or record a short clip of you or your partner talking to your baby by describing what you are doing moment-by-moment. Maybe this is while you are giving them a bath or changing their diaper.


Baby Reactions

Your baby might be making new sounds. Each time your baby makes a noise, try responding either by copying the noise or by answering them as if it were an adult conversation.

Upload or record a short clip of your baby tracking objects with their eyes, making all sorts of cute noises, and smiling for the first time. Maybe even include you or your partner's reaction!


Time for Solids?

Showing interest in food is one of the best signs that your baby is ready to start trying solids!

Upload or record a short clip of your baby displaying signs that they are ready to start solid foods: showing interest in food, being able to hold their head up well in a high chair, drooling, being able to munch and swallow, bringing their hands and toys to their mouth.


There's Always Time for Playtime!

Your four month old's play is actually hard work they’re doing to understand their world, the people and objects around them, themselves, their bodies and sensations.

Upload or record a short clip of you or partner playing with your baby (playing peek-a-boo, using a rattle, singing/dancing, playing with a child-safe mirror, holding them up to stand) and following their lead. 


Reading Time

Reading doesn’t always look like what you might think. Looking at pictures and talking to them about what they see can be even more valuable than reading the words on the page.

Upload or record a short clip of you or your partner interactively reading with your baby.

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