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Episode Five

6 Month Visit

Your six-month-old is curious and excited about pretty much everything. Of course, there are some challenges as well...(Teething, anyone?)

Below are some starter questions. Have a look and send us a video for any or all that speak to you! If you have an older child, feel free to answer any of the prompts below.

Episode Five


Babies this age often like chewing, throwing, and grabbing books even more than reading them.

Describe what reading time is like with your baby. How do you keep them engaged and what kinds of books do they like most?


Sleep Learning

Healthy sleep is one place where babies can greatly benefit from their parent(s) taking the driver’s seat.

When and why did you decide to help your baby go to sleep on their own? What benefits did you see for your baby and/or yourself and the rest of the family?

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