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Episode Four

4 Month Visit

From rolling over to starting solids, your four-month-old has big things on the horizon!

Below are some starter questions. Have a look and send us a video for any or all that speak to you! If you have an older child, feel free to answer any of the prompts below.

Episode Four

Starting Solids?

Some babies as young as four months show interest in solid foods, although many don’t start until closer to six months. It’s good to know what readiness signs to look out for!

When did your baby start solids and how could you tell they were ready? Describe any specific things you noticed your baby doing that signaled to you they were ready to try solid foods.


Avoiding Food Waste

You want your baby to try lots of new things, but nobody likes to see good food go to waste!

What are some strategies that have worked for you to help avoid wasting food?


You’re Getting Verrrrry Sleeeeepy...

Your four-month-old still needs frequent naps. Let’s get the lowdown on how to tell when your wee one is ready for a snooze.

How long and how often does your baby nap? What signs or cues have you noticed that tell you your baby is getting sleepy?



Your baby is likely becoming more interested in play. Time to get down on the floor and step up your game! But how do you play with a four-month-old?

What play activities does your baby like?


Have More to Say?

Did we miss anything? If you have something else to add, we'd love to hear it.

Let us know any additional tips and tricks you have for parents, or share a story of a memorable moment with your child.

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