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Episode Twelve

3 Year Visit

Three is an age of increased independence and imagination.

Below are some starter questions. Have a look and send us a video for any or all that speak to you! If you have an older child, feel free to answer any of the prompts below.

Episode Twelve

What is "School Ready"?

If you’ve ever felt confused about what “school readiness” means for a three-year-old, you’re not alone.

Describe the pressure you feel as a parent to make sure your child is school ready (and the struggle to understand what that even means!).


If All Else Fails...

Sometimes, something's gotta give, and that's okay. But we all have that ONE thing we make sure to do no matter what.

Family mealtime? Reading with your little one? Tell us the one thing you try to make time for no matter what else is going on.

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