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Episode One

3-5 Day Visit

You’ve got hard-earned wisdom from your days and sleepless nights with your newborn, and parents going through it right now want to hear it!

Below are some starter questions. Have a look and send us a video for any or all that speak to you! If you have an older child, feel free to answer any of the prompts below.

Episode One

Highs and Lows of That New Baby Life

There’s a lot to love about having a new baby, but we know it’s not all cuddles and hearts...

What’s the best part about having a newborn? What’s the hardest part?


It’s Okay to Ask for Help!

When you brought your newborn home, did you ever have the thought: “They seriously let me just walk out with this baby?!” If you did, you’re not alone... but you might have felt that way.

What would you tell a new parent who is struggling because they feel like they’re in over their head or that everybody knows how to do this but them?


It Takes a Village

Letting other people help can be good for both the parent(s) and the baby.

What are some benefits of letting trusted family members or friends help care for your baby?

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